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Summer Camp Enrollment is NOW OPEN !!!
(now accepting EPIC students)

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It all started
with a passion to instill

in children

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Center Stage Mission

Using the Creative Arts, we shape environments and opportunities that are safe and allow for kids to be known and loved.

Center Stage Values

  • Identity & Confidence - Loving who you are

  • Understanding the power of storytelling

  • Hard Work/Work Ethic

  • Valuing/Helping/Honoring Others

  • Honoring the Heart work with high production value

  • Loving oneself and others

  • Creativity/Creative Expression

Katie Kain started Center Stage out of a longing to instill identity in children. She wanted to accomplish this through the arts. Growing up, she found much joy and relief in performing as she struggled with severe anxiety and tourette syndrome.

Katie's Story

I'm Katie

hey there!

Owner at Center Stage

I discovered I loved performing very young. Singing was my strong suit, but I also loved dance and acting. The arts quickly became a relief of anxiety for me. I found when I was singing or performing, I would have no symptoms of anxiety or tourettes. I began performing everywhere I could. The Oklahoma Opry, competitive dance and choir, and I started starring in musicals. I found that being creative was a release for me. Later in life, when I was feeling anxious, I started song writing. I have also begun writing a book sharing my story in hopes of bringing hope and healing to those that struggle with intense anxiety. After going to college to become a therapist, I started doing therapy for children that had been through trauma. I thought this was what I wanted to do long-term, but God had other plans.

After adopting my three children, I knew I needed a more flexible schedule. My best friend and I decided to take our passion for music and healing to create a program that could implement both. We dreamed of teaching kids in a loving atmosphere, to be creative and express their gifts. I only wish there had been something like this to calm the swarming sea of anxiety when I was young. I share all this to tell you that my passion and dream for Center Stage is to host creativity, instill confidence and identity, and use my skills as a therapist to cultivate a healing and loving space. Let's face it, growing up is challenging and as kids are learning who they are, a safe space to be themselves is so important! My staff is incredible and they  are always learning, improving and sharpening their skills. We are committed to giving your child the best experience we possibly can! 

-Dr. Suess

"Today you are you, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is youer than you."

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What Parents Say

"Center Stage is an incredible outlet for my son who is not a sports kid. This class allows him to be creative and gain confidence on stage and with his peers. His teachers are amazing and always take time to focus on fun and getting kids out of their comfort zone."

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