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At Center Stage, our primary goal is to build confidence in our students! We accomplish this goal through several avenues including music, drama, and performance. Our vision is that each student will leave our class more confident, more proud of who they are, and having had an amazing experience. Our mission is to give every student the chance to shine, be in the spotlight, and get out of their comfort zone! 



We love to help our students find their voice and free them to use it confidently!


Our students learn acting skills and how to develop a character role for the stage!


We learn overall performance skills and them put it all together to truly shine during our shows!


At Center Stage, we only use original scripts written by our staff. Each script is tailored to the specific students in the class, to help them shine in their strengths. We start our semesters, instilling confidence through "break out of your shell" activities. This process helps kids feel safe and ultimately take safe risks with creativity. Every semester ends with a big production to showcase everything the students have been working on.



Every day is different at Center Stage! We have our staple class elements, but we like to keep our students on their toes and have each class be a unique experience. We start each class with an icebreaker and a "break out of your shell" activity. These help the kids get to know each other and get a little silly! The bulk content of our class consists of drama games, creativity exercises, working on the elements of a performance, vocal technique, singing on the microphones, and practicing for our shows! Some classes are more detail oriented, such as learning about facial expressions and some are focused on big picture concepts, such as overcoming fear. We finish each class with our class motto, “there’s only one me, be the best I can be!”



  •  Try your best

  •  Listen to your teachers

  •  Be kind to your co-stars

  •  Support your co-stars

  •  Respect the facility

  •  Have fun!

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